Ic Core

Interchangeable Core Locks

One of the major benefits of ic core locks is the flexibility it offers to property owners in terms of keyed locks management in their facility.  Ic core locks are widely used in big master key systems because they are usually available with six or seven-pin cores, giving more scope than the standard five or six pin cylinder. In addition,  they are easy to service as most interchangeable core keyways make unwarranted duplication more complex.

An Ic core lock has a detachable core that houses the key cylinder. These cores are generally adaptable with other types of cores providing the flexibility of being able to exchange cores when necessary. 682 Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial door knobs with standard or interchangeable core. These options allow businesses and residences to improve the security of their property.

Standard Cores vs Interchangeable Cores

Standard cores have a key cylinder fixed to a lock. Expect affordable initial pricing but keep in mind that it is going to be costlier than Ic cores.  This is because you have to hire a professional locksmith to rekey the locks. The lock has to be partly dismantled to change the core. Hardware compatibility should also be taken into consideration as some cores are not compatible with all hardware.

Interchangeable Cores

Ic cores are the figure-eight locking key cylinder which offers an option of a DIY rekey. A control key is utilized to take off and install the core.  If your store staff still have the keys for both the old and new cylinders, a lock change can be done in a jiffy.  

A large figure eight-core creates a large format and a small figure eight-core creates a small format.  That said, a large format interchangeable core cannot be installed in small format compatible hardware and vice versa. Note that An IC core system must be suitable with all the presently installed locking hardware. An Ic core can’t be used in a lever set that currently houses a standard cylinder. This is exactly why switching to an Ic core system from a standard core system can be pretty expensive.

If security is second to none in your decision, you may want to consider a standard core system.  But if you have financial restrictions, an IC core system makes an ideal choice because this can be done in-house all by yourself.  Managing your key system is much easier with an Ic core system.  As the property owner, you have full access and full control of your rekeying options.

Locksmith Leader in Security

As a premier locksmith service provider in the Hurst, TX 682 Locksmith take pride in our exceptional combination and keying services.  We can guarantee that our keys and cores go along with each other. To establish the integrity of every opening and to make maintenance of the product fast and easy. We understand that selecting a key system for your commercial property is not as easy as pie.  Factors like the durability and efficiency of the hardware and other devices should be considered and most especially the experience and track record of your locksmith.  We offer patented and non-patented key systems to help you create an effective and reliable security protocol. 682 locksmith can assist you in creating a customized key system that perfectly suits your property’s unique requirements and budget.

Our locks are designed with quality, flexibility, functionality, and security in mind. As such, we can ensure our locks and keys to be accurate and durable.  Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art design for our cores and key systems to adapt to constant changes and challenges.

Reliable Locksmith Services

For several years, we have been providing high-grade products and trustworthy locksmith services throughout Hurst.  Our track record is unmatched and speaks of positive feedback from our long list of customers and business partners.  As we continue to service the community, we continue to work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.  The aid that we send you for both emergency and non-emergency locksmith services consists of licensed and insured local locksmith technicians who have strong knowledge and efficient skills to ensure their job is done with utmost professionalism and care every time.  Choosing a reliable locksmith partner is a wise investment.  Choose 682 Locksmith and experience excellent customer care and first-rate services.

Why Choose 682 Locksmith for your Commercial Lock Rekey

With the right commercial locksmith, you can be assured knowing your office, business, or establishment is protected 24/7. Here at 682 Locksmith we strive to provide you with the highest in quality commercial locksmith needs. Our licensed and bonded locksmiths will always provide you fast, professional, and friendly services. Our mobile service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you need your business rekeyed right away, we will be there. We are always available at your convenience, and we are here to answer all questions you may have. 682 Locksmith is your first choice commercial locksmith in Hurst for commercial lock rekey services.

We truly believe that the safety and security within your business is a vital element to being successful. When your customers, employees, and property are secured you are able to focus on the more important aspect of running your business. Don’t let your safety and security be compromised any longer, Trust our team of professional, licensed, and bonded locksmiths to fulfill your locksmith needs. Contact 682 Locksmith today!