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I am lockout out of my house, how long will it take for a technician to get me in?

Most house lockouts take around 30 minutes give or take. This will all depend on the type of lock you have, which the technicians can give you a more accurate estimate wait time once they see it. There are different techniques used to opening a house lock which, once again, will depend on the type of lock. The majority of house lockouts are done by a picking technique. A bump key technique can also be used in some cases, and sometimes the technician may have to drill the lock to get it open. Once the technician arrives he will tell you before beginning, but you can be assured all our technicians use safe and proper tools to get you in your house as quickly as possible with no damage.

I need to change or replace locks in my home.

No problem, we are here to help. The most important thing about your home is the security. You want to always make sure your home is secure and that you and your family are protected. If you need one lock replaced or all of them, give us a call. There are a number of reasons people change their locks. You may be in need to change just a couple locks that are not functioning properly. The house still has the original locks that are very old. Maybe you are renovating your house and need new locks that match the theme of the house. We are equipped with all types of locks. If you already have a lock in mind, no problem. We are here to make sure you are satisfied with our service and your locks. Our technicians are all trained to properly install locks to make sure you have the highest home security.

Why do I need to re-key?

If you just moved into a new home or you don’t want your locks accessible to someone with the previous key, it is necessary to re-key. By re-keying your lock, your old key will no longer be accessible, and it’s saves the hassle of completely changing the lock itself. You will get a new key that will open the lock, and this will keep your home secure.

What is a smart lock?

With technology advancing and everything becoming high tech, more and more people are switching to smart locks in their homes. Smart locks allow you to access your home security even when you are not a home. You will have total control of your home security from your smartphone or tablet. Who ever thought you could unlock your home from your mobile device? Smart keys always include an alternative method to unlocking, just in case. Knowing your home is safe at all times is important, and with a smart lock system in your home you can be assured of it.

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