Everyone needs a duplicate key at some point. Whether it’s for their offices or for the doors of their homes. In order to travel with peace of mind around or away from Euless, Texas, we suggest that you bring a copy of your keys. The cost of making a duplicate is not as high as it might appear when you go to a store.

One of the many services that locksmiths provide is key duplication. The best and most reliable option when you need a duplicate key is to hire an experienced locksmith like 682 Locksmith because a hardware or big box store employee who cuts a key in front of you likely does not have the training or experience a skilled locksmith does.

Types of Keys Locksmith can duplicate

Following are the 10 types of keys that a locksmith like  682 Locksmith can duplicate:

The Padlock keys

The use of key-based padlocks is something that locksmiths are well versed in; however, some padlocks have a design that their keys can never be copied. Ask   682 Locksmith which type of padlock is being used if you are unsure whether your key can be duplicated.

The Knoblock Keys

Many people prefer this key type over deadbolt keys. It has been more or less where your simple house key would go for a long time, but even though it is an ancient artifact in this field, you still need to copy them. It is possible to make keys to most padlocks and Knoblock in a short period of time.

Keys for Cars

Around the world, people require a way to get duplicate keys for their cars on a daily basis. Keys for automobiles are a little more complicated, especially since they grant access to an expensive vehicle. This has led to the creation of a subset of keys for vehicles. It’s important to know what model, make, and year you own so a professional can create the right kind of keys for you.

Keys that are Mechanically cut

There are several distinct ridges and grooves on each key that make it work. One way mechanically made car keys differ from ordinary keys is that mechanical keys have a cut on one side. It is important to understand that it can only go in one direction in the ignition. Flipping the key upside down will cause it to no longer work correctly.

Laser Cut Keys for Cars

On the other hand, laser-cut key fobs can be inserted either way in an ignition. In fact, these keys are popular because their grooves are on both sides of the metal, making them impossible to duplicate by criminals. The copy made is more likely to be inaccurate at this point, which will prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

The Transponder Keys

In order to program transponder keys, a locksmith will need to locate the code that is required for your transceiver. To operate your transportation method, you can then match and copy the code to a blank key.   682 Locksmith can make a duplicate of your transponder keys with ease.

Keys for Mailboxes 

Many apartment complexes have a problem with mailbox keys going missing. The keys can be very quickly reproduced, but very few electronic store machines have the cut you need for this kind of application.  682 Locksmith has the right technology for making a duplicate of mailbox keys.

Keys for Furniture

If you need the keys for a bolt-style lock or push-button lock on a filing cabinet or a desk, a locksmith in your area can create them for you. Oftentimes, these kinds of keys are the same as those that open sliding glass doors.

The Valet Keys

Often, people don’t understand how a valet key is different from a standard key, but it’s wise to consider a valet key like a barebones duplicate. Usually, valet keys are made to operate very basic functions, like unlocking doors and turning on the ignition, and can’t be used to gain access to trunks or glove boxes. Obviously, the reason is that valets are granted very little time in cars, meaning they don’t really need to enter these spaces unless they’re doing something against the law.

Keys for TSA Locks

As the name implies, TSA locks are for travellers and flyers. Fortunately, locksmiths are well-suited to make these keys, though this is a rare niche for them. Although a master key is supposed to be in possession of TSA agents, the truth of the matter is that it can be duplicated easily, even if it is an unusual request.

If you are in trouble or have lost your keys, then call   682 Locksmith and get a duplicate of your required keys.


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