The worst nightmare of any car owner is to leave the keys in the locked car. Even the thought freaks everyone out. But the truth is it happens and has happened to every one of us, and we can’t deny it. However, it’s not a situation that you cannot ever come out of. Although the thought of just breaking your window to unlock the car seems extremely appealing, and you need to put almost no effort into it, after you have broken the window, there is a high chance that you might regret it. 

Breaking the window is the last resort when nothing seems to work. However, we are glad to share the ways in which you can free yourself from the pain, quite literally. 

1.   Use The Spare Keys

Did you lock yourself out of your car? Well, now is the time to find that spare key that is in one of your drawers, which is a challenge in itself because you probably have forgotten where you kept them. But you just have to be hopeful and start going through all of your stuff, and if you are lucky enough, you might just find them. Some people give their spare keys to someone who they trust and are responsible for, like a friend or a family member. This actually is a very wise idea because they are just a call away, and then you can easily get your spare key from them and unlock your car. Also, don’t forget to give them the spare key back because who is to say that this won’t happen again? 

2.   Use A Screwdriver 

Being locked out of your own car is something that you cannot possibly avoid, but it causes a lot of chaos and leaves you extremely exhausted and angry when it happens. Unfortunately, we might not have a solution to avoid being locked out of your car, but we can share how to use a screwdriver to unlock your car without any keys. 

First of all, you’ll need some tools like a ruler or a wedge. You will have to use the ruler or the wedge to separate the door and the frame enough so that you can fit in your screwdriver. Also, don’t forget that this process must be completed with intricate delicacy, or else it might damage your car, which is something that you don’t want to deal with.

When there is enough space, slide the screwdriver through the tip side. You should push the screwdriver through the rubber seal until you can see it inside your car. Now that you have a slight opening, the best tool is a thin wire coat hanger from which you can try to open the door with an automatic lock, but if you can’t reach for your keys and when you have pulled them out, you should carefully remove the wedge and the screwdriver before unlocking your car.

3.   Tennis Ball

Another thing that you can use to unlock your car if you have locked yourself out of it is a tennis ball. Even though it sounds strange, desperate times call for desperate measures. This is another way to dodge pricey locksmiths. This method is extremely simple and effective. 

All you need to do is burn a hole in the tennis ball, place it against a car lock, and press or smash the ball, and the air pressure will help the lock mechanism unlock. Of course, some would say it sounds too good to be true, but you know what they say physics is an intelligent person’s magic.

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4.   Use A Shoelace

Not everyone has tools like screwdrivers and wedges to unlock their door if they ever get locked out of their cars, and being creative can always come in handy. For this hack, all you need is a shoelace. First of all, you need to tie a slip knot on the shoelace and then place it on the top right corner of the car door and wiggle it down until it is inside the car. After that, you need to slide the slip knot on top of the lock button and try to pull it upwards. With the help of the tightened shoelace, you may be able to unlock your car without causing any damage to it or without paying a lot of money to the locksmiths.

5.   Seek Professional Help

The ideal case when you get locked out of the car and the keys are stuck inside the car is to seek the professional services of a locksmith in Euless, Texas. This is because they will help you with the car lockout without damaging the car as well as the lock.

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