In terms of safety and security, humans never stop innovating. Starting from the ancient first all-metal locks of English craftsmen, to Egyptians’ first mechanical pins, and Linus Yale’s pin regulation, contemporary door locks from yesterday continue to protect millions of people’s lives. 

Thanks to technological advancements, smart door locks became the new trend. People can now secure their families at home even without deadbolts. Through smart locks, we no longer have to worry about where our missing keys have gone.

On the History and Function of Smart Door Locks

Keyless door locks and its earliest use can be traced back in the 1990s. It was originally in the form of electronic cards used to open hotel doors. With cards replacing mechanical keys, hotel operation and management became more orderly and convenient.

Today, smart home security systems use smart door locks. Using smartphones and an installed app, your smart security system connects to Wi-Fi networks and allows you to control your devices. This system of internet-connected objects is referred to as what we call the Internet of Things (IoT).

Best thing is, they are battery-powered. Users can lock or unlock them through the app. They also do not demand that much energy and power. Some types of smart door locks can even connect to your other home appliances like your heaters or lamps. It would be a good idea to switch your home to this newest type of lock and experience a new level of security. Smart door locks are easier and secure things in a digital, user-oriented way.

Different Smart Door Locks and Their Benefits

Should you desire to try this latest security system, it is important to know its various types and uses. Here is a list of automated door locks that you can choose from:



Keypad and Combination Smart Locks

You can come up with different pin codes and combinations with a keypad smart lock. You can set a general pin code for your home, or set different pin codes for different people. They have to enter their respective pin codes to open the door.

Its other varieties include keypad deadbolts, one that has a knob or lever, and another with a handle set. It also supports Google Smart Assistant. This type of smart lock can connect to your other smart home features and appliances.


Keyless and Wireless Smart Locks

Wireless smart locks are one of the most convenient types of smart door locks. It can connect to your Wi-Fi network at home and users can control it with a Wi-Fi remote. Some of its forms can also link to Apple HomeKit and use Bluetooth to collect and receive data from Apple smart home systems.

This type of smart door lock often comes as part of a home security package. You have to first buy a smart home hub such as Wink, Amazon Echo, among others to control them through your smartphone because there is no intended app for them.


Fob Enabled Smart Lock

Fob-enabled smart locks are different from other types because all you need is a key-fob. Just touch the lock and the connecting door (and any other system-linked doors) will open. You don’t need a smartphone with this type of smart lock. 


Fingerprint and Biometric Smart Locks

This is a great smart lock option because it does not need any pins or smart keys. It only needs one’s unique fingerprint to enter the door. The door lock scans the specific fingerprint and converts it to numerical form. You can save your fingerprint by placing it into the door lock’s scanner that automatically records your data. 

It’s better to invest in fingerprint locks made of sturdy steel than those of aluminum. You can also prioritize buying those with lower false rejection rates, and with a bigger fingerprint storage capacity.

How Smart Hubs and Door Locks Communicate

Listed below are the major communication systems that both smart hubs and smart door locks use:

This one is a battery life saver and independent of smart hubs. Since this is just new to the smart home industry, it has only limited appearances in home security package options. 

You can find a lot of smart door locks enabled by Wi-Fi. This means a wider, cheaper variety of options. However, it also equates to a greater security risk for your personal property.

Z-Wave™ Plus
Aside from your door locks, this protocol can connect to a lot more other products and appliances. Though it can get a bit more expensive compared to other smart locks, it surely can give value for your money.   

This one is safer and more comprehensive than any other smart locks. Compared to Z-Wave, it offers a wider range of options for customers. It is interrelated to other Zigbee offerings and products. Relatively, it also has a cheaper price.

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Door Types You Can ‘Smartly’ Secure

Your smart door locks can secure any door inside or outside your home. Identify which of the following doors you want to install smart locks on before buying any.

Front and Back Doors

Any type of smart door locks can work for both of these door types. You only have to figure out whether to place it internally or externally.

Bedroom Doors

Look for smart door locks intended for interior doors if you want to secure your bedroom. Also, find one with a color palette and finish that can match your bedroom’s design and decoration.

Garage Doors

Most garage smart door locks are controllable through smartphones. Some are Wi-Fi enabled, while some can fit on standard door wall switches. Others can monitor temperatures, have smart hubs, and sensors.

Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Door Locks


The newest smart locks can give your homes significant, high-end improvement. They offer not just security but also style. Apparently, they are beginning to be everywhere in the market. Here is how smart locks can open doors of opportunities for your life. 


Missing keys? No worries 

If you frequently forget and leave your regular keys anywhere, it is best to go for smart locks. They make life literally more convenient, just like any other smart devices. Smart locks have remote access and voice recognition features. Feel free to lock your house door even when you’re already at the office by purchasing a small Wi-Fi bridge that will help you control your lock through Wi-Fi network connection.

Security but make it sophisticated

Your deadbolts no longer have to look boring and weird, thanks to smart locks. They can look like a regular lock while hiding their components inside. You don’t need to alter your door’s exterior since locks like August Smart or Sesame can be attached inside your deadbolt. 

Keypads deadbolt designs of smart locks are more stylish and sleek. It is somewhere in between modern and classic.

Yesterday’s keys can stay

Yes, you can keep your traditional keys even with smart locks. August’s locks can allow you to keep your existing deadbolt and use your old keys. Locks like this help you save time and money for the installation.

On a vacation? Let your friends come over

Just give your friends or family members digital keys instead of physical spares. You can do this through the lock’s app. You can also customize their ‘visiting hours’ or give them unlimited access through the same app. If your lock is Wi-Fi enabled, you can just grant access to a friend with just one tap.

Expecting in-home deliveries from Amazon? A delivery courier can place your order inside your home with a one-time access code powered by Amazon Key. Don’t worry, they have smart cameras. For August lock users, they also offer in-home delivery.

Protect your home digitally

Smart locks narrow down entry options to your house. This means a higher security level to protect your belongings and loved ones. Physical keys are no longer much needed. Since it is connected to networks, you just have to keep your app updated, secure your passwords and unlock via PIN numbers. Your locks can shut your doors at a certain time, and when your smartphone leaves your house. Some smart locks even totally leave the keyway out, especially for people who like ditching keys.

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