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Same Day Appointment Availablity

Our locksmiths in Burleson are able to come out and provide same day locksmith services. Customer satsification is one of the highest priorities here at 682 Locksmith.


automotive locksmith

All of our locksmiths are equipped with some of the most advanced car locksmith tools and programming equipment. When hiring 682 Locksmith for your automotive needs you can expect a high quality service delivered. Our locksmiths in Burleson have years of experience and can quickly cut and program a new key for your vehicle. Striving to provide the Burleson community with a first choice automotive locksmith service!



Key Duplication

Key duplication pricing ranges depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. For example, some of the older vehicles don’t require programming. Newer vehicles however do require the transponder key to be programmed.

Lost all Keys

When you have lost all keys to your vehicle our locksmiths will first start by running your vin. After running the VIN number we are able to cut and program your vehicle a new key saving you time and money.


With our huge inventory of remotes and fob’s 682 Locksmith can provide you with a new or spare remote. If we don’t have the remote in stock at the time we can quickly order one and get it on the way.

Ignition Repair & Replacement

Different vehicles have different types of ignitions. Pricing varies depending on the type of vehicle you own and what exactly has malfunctioned on the ignition itself.

Push to Start

Our locksmiths are equipped with a large variety of push to start proximity keys. We carry 90% of all push to start makes and models on the road in Burleson, TX.


With over 30 thousand dollars in automotive programming equipment. Our locksmiths are capable of programming almost all makes, models and years of vehicles.

Hire a Local Locksmith in burleson, Texas

residential locksmith

Calling a high-quality residential locksmith in Burleson is the key to having a secure home. A professional residential locksmith company like 682 locksmith performs background checks on all of their locksmiths. Along with carrying insurance and a bond to protect your home and valuables. We recommend doing some quick research on the locksmith company you are considering hiring. Simply looking at the companies reviews from past customers and asking questions will help you choose what’s best for you.


Residential Lock Re-key

Re-keying your locks when you have just moved into a new residence will stop any unwanted entry. Hiring a professional locksmith like our Burleson locksmiths at 682 locksmith can save you time and money.

Lock Installation

With so many types of locks out there and such a large variety of prices. It is important to our locksmiths to explain all of your options in order to match your budget. Providing you with the locks you need without breaking the bank.

Home Security Quote

If you are interested in upgrading or installing a new home security system ask how you can schedule an appointment. Once our locksmith arrives on site he will be able to understand what system you’re looking for.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to have a secure home and easy access. Improperly installing your smart lock system or going with a cheap offbrand lock can cause security vulerabitilies.

Lock Repair

If your lock is still new and in good condition, a lot of the times the lock can be repaired. If you have hired a reputable Burleson locksmith company they should be able to provide you with multiple options.

Unlock Safe / Install Safe

Safes are designed to keep people out of them. It takes an experienced safe locksmith expert in order to open your safe without damage. Installing your safe properly will stop it from being stolen.

commercial locksmith

It is strongly recommended to spend some time researching a commercial locksmith before hiring them. A few pointers to ensure you are hiring a good commercial locksmith in Burleson are as follows. Are you properly licensed? Do you have insurance and a bond? Do you provide free estimates on site and how long have you been in business? If the locksmith company you are thinking about hiring hesitates with any of these questions, you should keep researching. Checking the locksmith’s reviews online can also give you an idea of what type of work they provide.


Business Re-key

We provide competitive top-notch business rekey services at affordable rates! After scheduling an appointment with our office our locksmith is able to come to your business and provide a bid. All of our quotes are good for 60 days with no hidden fee’s.

Business Lock Repair

Business locks tend to malfunction after years of usage. Generally, after our locksmith has arrived on site they will disassemble the lock and see what’s causing the problem. After understanding the malfunction of the lock our locksmith will then provide you with your investment cost to repair.

Commercial Lock Replacement

Before replacing your commercial locks, our Burleson locksmiths will first see if they can save the lock. If the lock is irrepairable then our locksmith will proceed with providing you multiple lock options that fit your budget.

Push Bar Services

Our commercial locksmiths are able to quickly diagnose the issue occurring with your push bar. Once our locksmith has figured out the problem they will then provide a detailed resolution with straight forward prices.

Master Key System

Master key systems can be extremely beneficial to those with a lot of properties to manage. A proper master key system will allow entry to both the master key and regular key. Eliminating the need to have seperate keys for every lock.

Access Control

Our locksmiths provide all types of access control systems. Ranging from small single units to large complex access control systems. Ask our office about scheduling a free estimate on installing or repairing your access control system.

Emergency locksmith

When you are in need of an emergency locksmith time isn’t exactly on your side. You can be in a rush and need back into your vehicle or home or even business. Being in an emergency situation a lot of the time you don’t have time to research who you are hiring. 682 Locksmith recommends to ask your locksmith for their license number and if they have insurance? If you have called a legitmate locksmith company they should have no problem presenting this information to you. If the locksmith refuses to provide this information it’s very likely you aren’t working with a reputable locksmith company like 682 Locksmith.


House Lockout

Being locked out of your house can be an extremely frustrating experience. Especially, if you have hired a low-quality locksmith company. 682 Locksmith provides upfront pricing on your house lockout needs and has locksmiths ready to arrive on site fast.

Car Lockout

Having a reliable locksmith that is able to arrive in a timely manner is important. We specialize in servicing Burleson car lockout calls quickly and at an affordable rate. Our locksmiths are licensed and insured with years of experience.

Broken Key

When your key has just broke in the ignition it would be wise to contact a local Burleson locksmith. Extracting the key from the ignition without any damage caused to the ignition is crucial before replacing the key.

Business Lockout

Locked out of your business in Burleson? Calling 682 Locksmith to help get you back into your business quickly is the way to go! Our Burleson locksmiths are properly equipped to unlock your business without any neccessary damage.

Locked Keys In Trunk

Just locked your keys in your car trunk? First, have you checked to see if the trunk button will open the trunk? Is there a way to get to the trunk from the back seat? Do you have anyone with a spare key? If none of these apply, you should call a local Burleson locksmith for help!

Key Extraction

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